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"There is so much that is good about this that it's hard to know where to start. What I immediately get caught up in is a feeling of ending up in a parallel world to David Lynch's universe. Definitely surreal and dreamy."

"Ro-E takes her Latin influences with her and recast them in a form that could sometimes be Björk, sometimes Portishead, or why not Einstürzende Neubauten or even PJ Harvey when she is at her least rocky. "

"Complex and emblematic, ‘Ower’, like the other songs, sing in hymns – apropos to us all. Beautiful, indeed. "

"The entire production is so wonderfully leftfield one can only sit down and consume in glee and fascination. "

"If Ro-E can be my soundtrack in the dips, I want to go into an eternal depression"

"At first I couldn't understand anything, then I imagined everything in a Planckian Universe, and it all started making sense"

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